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"the spirit of radio", amps that kill, anything by haruki murakami, atmospheric guitar in layers, bears of all sorts, believing in ghosts, bensonhurst, bike rides through brooklyn, boy-meets-world marathons, braid, building my time machine, cats that don't suck, craigslist missed connections, cupcakes in my mouth, d.i.y., dreaming of space vacation, driving without a license, envy, escaping from the city, feeling like i'm underwater, filthy europorn, fresh laundry smells, fucking in space (someday), gang vocals, girls who wear glasses, grasping the invisible grapefruit, gummy bears in bulk, hopeless romanticism and i, isis, jawbreaker, jimmy eat world, kevin devine, learning on my own, lifetime, living in passenger seats, living vicariously through you, making messes of beds, moving mountains, music as masturbation, my awesome fucking dog, my pen collection, my zooey deschanel crush, no sleep on tour, not my fucking college, not second-hand smoke, occasional elitism, office supplies times infinity, pelican, pop-punk-singalongs, precious unlinked livejournal interests, prolonged sexual gratification, quantice never crashed, raspberry & chocolate, reading with the rain, remembering every last word, road-trips on a whim, rush, sleeping in your bed, somethingtowritehomeabout, springsteen on the highway, stars as cemeteries, still using 35mm, the get up kids, the legend of zelda, the temple (rip), unintelligible screaming in songs, up all night nights, waking up to pancakes, watching you sleep (not-creepily), wearing aviators (un-ironically), william shatner's powergun, you reading this shit, zoloftherockandrolldestroyer